Are you ready to go back to office ?

What a start!! A month into 2021 and my first blog, I can’t be any less excited and talk about something which is relatable to not just me but to everyone!!

So, finally we made it to 2021 with a little of too much of faith and hope and the occasional cheer. Vaccines are out, people are going out for vacations and for few moments it felt euphoric having finally a bit of power over the pandemic which made our 2020 fly with anxiety and fear. But with, offices to reopen, are we all ready to go back or we will miss the comfort of easy lifestyle which has become our life for quite some time.

I was so happy when the lockdown started, no more office , flexible schedule and bliss. But then staying at home for weeks, made me wanna miss my old life back and office , but now they are opening and I am in state of dilemma, whether I am ready or not. To be honest, it’s a lot to take in, after months of home reside, it’s going to be weird to come out of the luxury cocoon and welcome all the thing we loved once again! But then, we are the generation that now excel in adaptability of change. I think I would be happy to go back, you know, go out to cafe’s ,fall back on my own personal queen size bed and watch late night movies and series with blasting the music off from the speakers and just letting be it. But “wait” , there is a huge “BUT” , after so many months of mom’s homecooked food and the chill lifestyle and working at any time without dressing in jeans and doing hair, I have fallen onto this comfortable pattern of doing nothing, waking up and sleeping to it.

Personally, I think I am still ready to come back for like 1–2 months and then a wfh for 1 month to go back home and the pattern continues. I don’t wanna miss out my job life and being independent once again and feeling like a grown kid. This lockdown taught me that nothing in this life is constant, it’s never to late to respect and make your fam feel more loved than before. But along with working, I would like to stay at home for some time in between just to be myself again. This lockdown was many things for many people, but for me it was about this self-introspection and challenging myself to new set of ideas and beliefs.

At the end, I will conclude that we have to be ready to go back to the life we once had and welcome it along with falling back to the pandemic lifestyle once in a whole to grow on inner level too. Just believe!!

If you have any ideas, feel free to add and let me know are you ready to go back to the office?




A fickler between Coffee and Books , trying her can’t into can, and her dreams into plans !! —

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Arpita Gupta

Arpita Gupta

A fickler between Coffee and Books , trying her can’t into can, and her dreams into plans !! —

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