Netflix and yes addiction is real.

Are you sad? Watch Netflix with a tub of ice-cream. Are you feeling romantic? Watch rom-coms. Want to relax and chill on your weekends? Binge watch Netflix!

Doesn’t it feel sometimes the most said-over answer, when someone asks, what’s the plan today, the “cliché and on-the-tounge” answer is NETFLIX.

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Netflix has been one of the major friend of mine since college, I have spent like hours binging it and feeling relaxed, the only drama being added by the casts playing on the screen. This has became such a familiar part of my lifestyle, that watching a season at once or watching 2–3 movies back to back have become normal. Loving and spending time with series has become more relaxing and a way of spending time on ourselves without even bothering about other people in our life.

But the addiction and high, is it fair to us? Neglecting the health and social lives. According to science, when we binge watch shows, our mind is continually processing dopamine and our body produces a drug like high. So, we experience a pseudo-addiction to shows because we develop cravings for dopamine. Excessive watching of Netflix can cause metabolism syndrome due to watching too much in one-sitting and increase in heart risks and strokes and can even lead to cognitive disorder and memory drain down the line.

How do you know that you are addicted to Netflix?

First things first, addiction becomes real when we think that Netflix is our friend and we binge watch it till the point, that we don’t even realize that’s our last episode. The habit of finding new every-time or watching anything randomly or actually crying over fictional characters more than things which needs your attention and yes having the infamous app opened in all the devices. As for me, I have always loved the site and was trying to have a break-up from it from quite some time, but it feels like breaking up in real with a person is kind of more easy to do than this.

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So how do you think you can break this ?

First of all, pace yourself, take your time for each show and make it enjoyable and strictly avoid “purge-watching”, watching only series and movies, which you like, not just for the sake of watching. Disabling “auto-play” is important for streaming devices and setting an alarm. It’s better to take some other hobbies which are recreational, such as painting, dancing or reading books can be fiction, non-fiction or self-improvement books. Discover yourself, and you know what’s one thing that you can do that’s actually fun, you can start trading in shares and you will forget all about Netflix and you can spend your time learning about momentary gains and trading or you can actually learn a new language, like I tried Spanish this 2020.

I am not saying that don’t watch Netflix or something but every aspect in our life needs a fixed set of boundaries. So work hard, exercise, read books, have fun and live.




A fickler between Coffee and Books , trying her can’t into can, and her dreams into plans !! —

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Arpita Gupta

Arpita Gupta

A fickler between Coffee and Books , trying her can’t into can, and her dreams into plans !! —

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